Low Carbon Fuels Coalition

980 Ninth Street, 16th Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

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Direct: (530)264-7157


The Low Carbon Fuels Coalition (LCFC) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association that works to support and expand sound low carbon fuel policies.

The Low Carbon Fuels Coalition Work

The LCFC tracks low carbon legislation and regulation; provides practical analysis to its membership; advocates to support and expand low carbon fuel policies; and helps to develop industry consensus and to coordinate industry campaigns on key issues.

Why the Coalition?

Low carbon fuel policies deliver fuel diversification, healthier air, and reductions in carbon pollution while creating better jobs and economic development.  As a technology neutral business coalition, the LCFC is uniquely credible and well-positioned to advance sound policies that are practical, achieve environmental goals, and grow America’s clean energy economy.