Low Carbon Fuels Coalition

980 Ninth Street, 16th Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

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Direct: (530)264-7157


Since its inception just two years ago, the LCFC has successfully:

  • Advocated as part of a broad and diverse coalition for the passage of SB 32 and AB 197, extending California’s climate policies to 2030.
  • Developed written materials and presentations for California lawmakers to emphasize the importance of the Low Carbon Fuels Standard as part of California’s climate strategy.
  • Provided technical support to industry advocates and policy makers in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Ontario, and other states and provinces regarding low carbon fuel policy mechanisms.
  • Coordinated the California program for the World Business Council’s launch of the below50 initiative in San Francisco at the Subnational Clean Energy Ministerial in 2016, held in conjunction with international climate negotiations.
  • Testified as the primary legislative witness for AB 692, establishing mandatory escalating California state fleet procurement of very low carbon fuels.
  • Along with other advocacy groups and industry, supported the Re-adoption of the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) through comment campaigns, workshop participation, and meetings with ARB leadership.
  • Participated in and submitted comments to dozens of public workshops and hearings pertaining to state level fuel policies and regulations.
  • Successfully advocated along with other advocacy groups and industry for the approval of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.
  • Developed and coordinated the campaign for a novel form of incentive, known as the Contract for Difference, from California’s GHG Reduction Fund (GGRF).